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3 Official Methods To Check Your Data Usage on Sprint

If you are a Sprint customer, you will need this small tutorial to know How to check your Data Usage with Sprint. It’s recommended to regularly check your data usage to know if you want to limit your Internet use or renew the package. If you are one of those who are always on the go and relying on Mobile Data Connection for internet purposes, your Internet Data Limit may quickly run short without your attention. So, here is the deal. I will explain in this short tutorial How to check your Sprint data usage via your MySprint account,...

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(Best 2018 Guide) Download and Root with SuperSU Zip using Custom Recovery

If you want to Root your phone with SuperSU Zip, or want to download SuperSU Zip v2.82 and SuperSU APK v2.82 which are the latest versions of SuperSU, then you are at the right place. This is my guide that will help you to install SuperSU Zip on your Smartphone. Are you ready? Go. As an Android user, you have certainly heard about this word “Rooting“. Probably you may confused with this word, but the simple definition of Rooting is a method to give you special and extra permissions to control your phone. There was a time when many of...

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The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

Cleaning the Phone Camera Lens is a process we do from time to time, especially for those who love to capture photos (Photography Lovers). Personally, I tried many ways to clean my Smartphone Camera Lens without harming it, but many of these ways not helping 100%. As a YouTuber and a person who interested in Video making and Photography, I know the importance of a clean lens. You can imagine the difference between the clean and non-clean lens as a Low-resolution and High-resolution photos. So, Is cleaning the Mobile Phone Camera Lens so important? Yes, and you will see...

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The Right Way To Uninstall Android Apps and Games

Many Android OS users using Android Apps and Games on their Android devices, but when they want to uninstall any apps or games, they don’t do that the right way.I said that because Android users when want to delete apps or games, they just press on uninstall button without taking care for the other things such as cache files and app’s data files. Android users many times doing that to have some free spaces or to solve any problem with that app and reinstalling it after that, so when they want to reinstall it again maybe they have the...

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22 Ways you should do to Secure your Android Smartphone

Nothing is safe, you should know that. A lot of us using Technology every second, and the most thing we use is our Smartphones, but many people ignore the risks which may harm their Smartphones, because they think it’s safe at all. Even if you keep your Smartphone safe in your pocket, it’s still at risk, so you should learn some ways to protect your Android Smartphone. Android OS is good and you may not faced any risks before, such as Viruses, but the risks still there and you should protect your Android Smartphone. The ways that I will...

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Grouping Apps into Folders on HTC Desire 526G/ 526G+ Dual SIM

Making Folders and Grouping Apps on HTC Desire 526G/ 526G+ Dual SIM took from me a long time to know how to do that, but finally my friend tried a method and by chance it’s working good and finally I learned How to do that. The strange thing that when I needed to make Folders and Grouping Apps on my HTC Desire 526G phone, I tried to Google it, but I have nothing, and the strangest thing is when I want to Share the method with you I found the method on the HTC Company Website (India Domain), so...

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How to Forward an Email message through Email Apps

Many Android users trying to make their phones a small computer or a small world in their pockets. Sure we all do that to make our life easier and all we need to make something in our work use or Personal use is our Phone and an Internet Connection. One of these things that we are using in our Android Phones is Email Apps to help us sending and receiving Emails anytime and anywhere to achieve our goals from using Emails services easily. In this simple tutorial I will help you to get the answer for the simple question...

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How to update Samsung Gear Smart Watch Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Gear Firmware Update is an easy process to do not hard as you think, you just need to keep focus on all steps to do it the right way. Samsung Galaxy Gear Stock Firmware Update is an important step for your Gear Smart Watch. If you are looking for a simple and step-by-step Tutorial/Guide to help you installing/updating your current official firmware, so you are at the right place. You should know that there are many types of Firmware updates (It’s extra info for you). Sometimes you get a new update and install it, but after installing...

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How to install Samsung Official/Stock Firmware Updates

Samsung Galaxy Official Firmware Update is an easy process. Easy process, but needs you to keep focus on all steps to avoid any mistakes and finishing your Samsung Galaxy Device Firmware Update correctly without any Errors. Today I will help you to install your Galaxy Smartphones Firmware Update with our Step-by-step Complete Installation Guide. This Tutorial/Guide is a single Tutorial/Guide for all Samsung Smartphones, so if you need to download the Firmware file, you just need to use Yes Android Search. Yes Android always offering the best and the easiest Tutorial/Guides to help you installing Official Firmware Update for...

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How to Update Samsung Galaxy Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Firmware Update is an easy process to do not hard as you think, you just need to keep focus on all steps to do it the right way. You should know also that is the Galaxy Firmware Update is our main goal in Yes Android. Samsung Galaxy Official Firmware Update is a very important step for you Smartphone. If you are looking for a simple and step-by-step Tutorial/Guide to help you installing/updating your current official firmware, so i hope to say it will be the good place for that. Here you will find many Official Firmware Update...

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