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The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

Cleaning the Phone Camera Lens is a process we do from time to time, especially for those who love to capture photos (Photography Lovers).

Personally, I tried many ways to clean my Smartphone Camera Lens without harming it, but many of these ways not helping 100%. As a YouTuber and a person who interested in Video making and Photography, I know the importance of a clean lens. You can imagine the difference between the clean and non-clean lens as a Low-resolution and High-resolution photos.

So, Is cleaning the Mobile Phone Camera Lens so important? Yes, and you will see a big difference in your captured photos.

During this post, you may call my method to clean phone camera lens a crazy method, because I tried other crazy methods and this one is the best of them, and without a High Cost, Maybe no cost at all, because almost we have the tools in our houses. Yes, you can say we will clean camera lens with household items.

There are two problems we facing in our phone camera lens, 1st the dust, and 2nd the things that make the lens glass dirty such as fingerprints, smudges, or grease. So, we will use two tools for the two problems, so let’s begin.

How to clean your Mobile Phone Camera Lens?


Step1: How to clean your Phone Camera Lens from dust?

It is the first problem we face, the tiny and soft dust which we can’t clean all of it, and that’s because of the small spaces between the Lens glass and the Phone’s body. So, What can we do?

Absolutely you are now thinking about using a brush, and I greet you for that, but wait, What kind of brushes will you use? Huh, it’s the trick, and all Females will be happier now than males, but Why?

Do you know the Makeup brush? Sure you know it. The Makeup brush is a brush that made from soft hair, because Girls using it on their skin, so it must be soft, and that exactly what we need.

In fact, we will not use these huge packets of brushes that girls use. All we need a small single one that girls using on their face and it’s called Foundation Brush. Personally, I’m using a brush similar to these brushes in the photo.

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens
The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

As we know, the Phone Camera Lens Glass is sensitive, and it may be easily scratched, so we must take care when we are cleaning it, and clean it with the tools that we are sure it will not going to harm it.

You can follow this Link to see some types of these brushes on eBay, or if you want to see the two brushes in the previous photos, simply click Here for the first brush, or Here for the second one. Both brushes also available on eBay.

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Step2: How to clean your Phone Camera Lens from fingerprints, smudges, and greases?

After following the Step1, the Step2 will be easy, because the dust is a big obstacle if you tried to clean the Phone Camera Lens without getting rid of it.

If you have a glasses (Eyeglasses or Sunglasses ), you certainly have a cleaning cloth that comes with it. But, I suggest using only these soft pieces which made from the Cotton. These soft pieces of cotton will give us a perfect result.

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

You can clean smudges, grease, or fingerprints off phone camera lens through dry cleaning or wet cleaning, but wait, don’t make the cotton cloth wet with a lot of water. I mean you can make it a very little moist.

You know what, forget this and I suggest to use the old school method, haaauh, Do you know what does it mean? See the following photo.

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

I’m sure you are now understanding what is the old school method, breathe through your mouth and make your exhalation out on the surface of the lens.

Pro Tip: Avoid using that kind of cotton cleaning cloth as it will be good with glass surface larger than Phone Camera Lens. See the following photo.

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

So, I suggest this kind of Cotton wipe cloth, which has a soft surface. Personally, I’m using that kind and it gives me a perfect result. Also, you can use it with your Camera Lens (Digital or Pro) and your Phone screen. See the following photo.

The Crazy Way: Clean your Phone Camera Lens

Follow this Link to see many types of it on eBay, but remember that the cotton is the best and the softest. You may also be thinking now about using a small piece of cotton and it will be good, but it will leave some tiny bristles on the Phone Camera Lens

Now, Is this method to Clean Phone Camera Lens crazy or it’s normal? Do you have another method, especially this method which we can call it crazy? Share it with us in the comments below.

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