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Samsung Galaxy AMP 2 Stock Firmware Downloads

Samsung Galaxy AMP 2 Stock Firmware Downloads

Here you will find the latest Stock Firmware Updates for the Samsung Galaxy AMP 2. Before downloading any update from this page, make sure your device has the exact model number of the Firmware you want to download (Check the Model Section) and don’t try Flashing another Firmware Update on your device.


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Samsung Galaxy AMP 2 Stock Firmware Updates

Model Region Country/ Carrier PDA OS Version Security Patch Download
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUS5ARA1 6.0.1 01.02.2018
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUU3AQH2 6.0.1 01.09.2017
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUS3AQE1 6.0.1 01.06.2017
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUS2AQB2 6.0.1 01.03.2017
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUU2APJ2 6.0.1 01.11.2016
SM-J120AZ AIO USA (Anritsu) J120AZTUU1APD2 6.0.1 01.05.2016


Take a quick look at the following Samsung Galaxy Firmware Download /Update Infographic.


Samsung Galaxy Firmware Update Infographic

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