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Step by Step: How to Root Your Samsung Device

Step by Step: How to Root Your Samsung Device
NOTE: Proceed at your own risk. Yes Android Team are not responsible for any possible damage inquired by your device.
– Make sure you only download the files for your specific device. Other files may brick your device and we are sure you don’t want that.

– Rooting your device will void your warranty. If your phone has a flash counter, you can use Triangle Away to reset it (if supported). If your device has Samsung Knox, rooting will trigger the KNOX warranty void status.

– If you have a device with encrypted storage, rooting will wipe all data ,So be careful .

– Make sure your device has an unlocked bootloader. If you are new to this, do all the necessary research before rooting. Usually carrier-branded devices come with locked bootloaders. Not unlocking it prior to rooting will brick your device.

Let’s go …

How to Root Your Device Using ODIN??

These instructions are general and applicable to all devices. If your phone has an Xda forum thread opened for rooting discussions, the link will be in the resources provided below for your device.

1 – Find your phone in the Samsung Devices list below.

2 – Download CF-Auto-Root for your specific device. Save the files on your PC. Each archive should contain a version of Odin3 and a CF-Auto-Root file with a .tar.md5 extension.

4 – Enable “USB Debugging” on your device. Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Now turn off your device.

5 – Enter Download Mode. The most common method is by pressing ‘Volume Down+Power+Home’. If this key combination doesn’t work, Google ‘Device name+Download Mode’ (where ‘Device name’ is the name of your device).

6 – Run Odin3 software on your PC. Connect the device to your computer using a USB cable.

7 – While in Odin, click on ‘PDA’. Add the CF-Auto-Root .tar.md5 file that you downloaded in step #2.
8 – To start the rooting process click ‘START’.

The rooting procedure is finished when the device enters recovery mode. Usually it will enter automatically, but if not, enter recovery mode manually (Google ‘Device Name+Recovery Mode’ to find your device’s key combination).


If your device does not boot in recovery mode and root, repeat the procedure once more. If you continue to experience trouble, make sure you don’t have ‘Auto Reboot’ checked in Odin.

After repeating the root, pull out the phone’s battery and boot your device in Recovery Mode manually (press Volume Up+Home+Power).

Samsung Devices – Root Resource Links

Note: To check your device model, go to Settings > About Device > Model Number.

Samsung GT-B5330
Samsung GT-B5330B
Samsung GT-B5330L
Samsung GT-GT-I9190
Samsung GT-I9192
Samsung GT-I9195
Samsung GT-I9197
Samsung GT-I9260
Samsung GT-I9300
Samsung GGT-I9300T
Samsung GT-I9305
Samsung GT-I9305N
Samsung GT-I9305T
Samsung GT-I9500
Samsung GT-I9505
Samsung GT-I9505G
Samsung GT-N5100
Samsung GT-N5110
Samsung GT-N5120
Samsung GT-N7100
Samsung GT-N7100T
Samsung GT-N7105
Samsung GT-N7105T
Samsung GT-N8000
Samsung GT-N8010
Samsung GT-N8013
Samsung GT-N8020
Samsung GT-P3100
Samsung GT-P3110
Samsung GT-P3113
Samsung GT-P5100
Samsung GT-P5110
Samsung GT-P5113
Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I317
Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I497
Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I727
Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747
Samsung SC-02E
Samsung SC-03E
Samsung SC-06D
Samsung SCH-I535
Samsung SCH-I605
Samsung SCH-R530U
Samsung SCH-R950
Samsung SCH-R970
Samsung SGH-I257M
Samsung SGH-I317M
Samsung SGH-I337M
Samsung SGH-I747M
Samsung SGH-I757M
Samsung SGH-M919
Samsung SGH-T779
Samsung SGH-T889
Samsung SGH-T999
Samsung SHV-E140K
Samsung SHV-E210K
Samsung SHV-E210L
Samsung SHV-E210S
Samsung SHV-E230L
Samsung SHV-E250K
Samsung SHV-E250L
Samsung SHV-E250S
Samsung SHV-E370K
Samsung SHW-M440S
Samsung SHW-M480K
Samsung SHW-M480S
Samsung SHW-M480W
Samsung SM-G3815
Samsung SM-G7102
Samsung SM-G900F
Samsung SM-G900H
Samsung SM-G900I
Samsung SM-G900L
Samsung SM-G900M
Samsung SM-G900P
Samsung SM-G900R4
Samsung SM-G900S
Samsung SM-G900T
Samsung SM-G900T1
Samsung SM-G900W8
Samsung SM-N750
Samsung SM-N7500Q
Samsung SM-N7502
Samsung SM-N7505
Samsung SM-N7506V
Samsung SM-N7507
Samsung SM-N7508V
Samsung SM-N750K
Samsung SM-N750L
Samsung SM-N750S
Samsung SM-N900
Samsung SM-N9002
Samsung SM-N9005
Samsung SM-N9006
Samsung SM-N9007
Samsung SM-N9008
Samsung SM-N9009
Samsung SM-N900P
Samsung SM-N900R4
Samsung SM-N900S
Samsung SM-N900T
Samsung SM-N900W8
Samsung SM-P600
Samsung SM-P601
Samsung SM-P605
Samsung SM-P900
Samsung SM-P901
Samsung SM-P905
Samsung SM-T310
Samsung SM-T311
Samsung SM-T312
Samsung SM-T315
Samsung SM-T315T
Samsung SM-T320
Samsung SM-T321
Samsung SM-T325
Samsung SM-T330
Samsung SM-T330NU
Samsung SM-T331
Samsung SM-T335
Samsung SM-T520
Samsung SM-T525
Samsung SM-T530
Samsung SM-T530NU
Samsung SM-T531
Samsung SM-T535
Samsung SM-T900
Samsung SM-T905
Samsung SPH-L520
Samsung SPH-L710
Samsung SPH-L720
Samsung SPH-L900

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