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Learn How to use Odin in simple 4 steps

Learn How to use Odin in simple 4 steps

With this Simple Guide i will learn you How to use Odin easily without any complications in.

Now keep focusing in this simple and easy 4 steps to be able to use Odin with any Samsung Devices, because these steps are general steps and you will use it with any Samsung device model.

Learn How to use Odin in simple 4 steps :

Step 1
Download the Odin ZIP file then extract the Odin folder to any place in your computer.

Step 2
Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with the data transferring cable.

Turn it off for 15 or 20 seconds then press and hold down your “Home,” “Power” and “Decrease volume keys” at the same time to enter the download mode.

Step 3 
Launch Odin on your computer then click “Auto Reboot”.
Click “PIT” and select the PIT file associated with the Android ROM you are flashing with Odin.

If the Odin recognized your device you will see something like that.


Click “PDA” and select the TAR file for the ROM you are flashing. 

Step 4 
Check boxes shown in the Picture ( Be sure your options in Odin like the Options in the Picture ) . 

Click “Start” to start flashing the ROM to your Samsung phone.

The installation is completed successfully when you see the success message on Odin and your phone automatically reboots.

Requirements :

-USB data transfer cable .

-Samsung USB driver . If you already installed Samsung Kies then you already have the USB driver , If not go to this page and download the latest USB driver for your device. 

Samsung Android ROM files (PIT and TAR) .

Hope this guide helpful !!!

Also you can Learn with this short Video :

How to Flash any Samsung Official Firmware manually with Odin


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