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Download desktop Odin for windows [All Versions]

Download desktop Odin for windows [All Versions]

If you are one of Samsung Android Phone’s owners and love to make your S.W maintenance by yourself or even you are working in a mobile maintenance shop, then you will need this small tool which will help you in Flashing process. This tools is only for Advanced Users or Professionals because of risks and any small wrong use will make a big problem, but don’t worry you will learn with Tutorials and Guides.

What is Odin?

Odin is a Windows based Applications for Flashing Samsung Android Phones and Tablets devices, which is use to manually flash the Custom ROMs, Firmware Updates, Kernels and many more.

There are one disadvantage of Odin tool is that, it can not be used on another Operating System such as MAC OS or Linux because it is only compatible with Windows Platform.

Odin v3.09 is the most popular version which is almost compatible with all Samsung Android devices, the stable version with improved UI, and is a user friendly version. Here  you will find all Odin versions, so choose the version you need and download it.

Download desktop Odin for windows [All Versions]

Updated with new fresh download links

Odin v3.12.7 : Download

You Can Learn With this short Video How to Flash any Samsung Official Firmware manually with Odin

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