HOWTO: cryptostorm on Android non-root |

Cryptostorm is a private network "VPN Service".

This tutorial will work out-of-the-box by following the steps below, but you can complement it with this earlier howto if necessary .

1) Install the "OpenVPN for Android" application from Arne Schwabe (source here and here):
Devs self compiled copies: link

Fdroid: link
Google Play Store: link
This method will only work with OpenVPN version 0.6.17 or bigger.
2) Download and send to your smartphone (you could open a browser in your phone @ ) the OpenVPN config file with the server you want, for the purpose of this tutorial we will use "USCentral-mishigami.ovpn"
MainDirectory File Server Password: Tealc

SIDE NOTE: If you change the name "USCentral-mishigami.ovpn" to "whatever.ovpn" the "Profile Name" in the OpenVPN application will acquire that name

3) Open OpenVPN and click "Folder" icon from the right side corner of the screen, this is your "Import Configuration File", just navigate with the file explorer to the directory where you have "USCentral-mishigami.ovpn" and click "Select". The "Import Log" will tell you that it was successfully imported. IMPORTANT: Click the "Disk" button from the bottom right screen side or it will not save in the app.

4) Open OpenVPN app and if you do not see the "USCentral-mishigami" connection just go to "Settings" and then go back to "Profiles".
4.1) Select the "USCentral-mishigami" and it will ask you for a Username/Password, so this is the most tricky part:
4.2) You'll want to take your token and (on your phone) put it in here and calculate the SHA512 hash.
4.3) Take that SHA512 and use it as your Username (NOT password!!!)... Paste it in there. (If you have problems pasting on your device for whatever reason, I ended up picking up a free app called EZCopy&Paste, which allowed me to shove my SHA512 in there and I am suddenly wondering how I lived without it... Anyway....)
4.4) Enter a password. Can be anything. Cannot be left blank (it complains about that later if you do...)

And that's it, you're good to go! This OpenVPN config file will work with ALL rooted & NON rooted smartphones Android 4.2 and up.

Hope this makes Android lovers like me, a little bit more happy :)