How to Backup and Restore your Android Phone or Tablet [Simple Guide]

Backup is an important step to make a copy of your own important data to secure it from being lost by any reason. You will need this copy of your data when you lost your phone, buy a new one, or even losing your data itself, so when any reason like that happen you will be able to Restore your copy of your important data again.

As we all known, data like call logs, contacts, apps, text messages, etc. stored on your Android Phone/Tablet which are not easy to be manually backed up or transferred to your computer.
There are many Android apps available to help you making Backup and Restore for your data easily, so you may find easy app and hard app or even faked app which will not help you .
Now we will learn you in this simple step by step guide How to make Backup and Restore your Android Phone/Tablet on Computer with an assistant. We will use a powerful Backup application called Jihosoft Android Phone Manager. This software is specially designed for Android users to help them Backup and Restore contacts, call history, SMS, videos, photos, music, calendar, etc. from Android to PC or Mac.

To learn how to use Jihosoft Android Phone Manager to Backup and Restore follow the following steps.

How to Backup and Restore your Android Phone or Tablet? 

Step1: Download Jihosoft Android Phone Manager and Run it.

- You can download Jihosoft Android Phone Manager on your PC or Mac from the application official website. Download the Android Manager for Windows/Mac version from Jihosoft Android Managerwebsite then install it on your Computer.

- After installation, run it by double clicking the application icon .

- Now Plug your Android Phone/Tablet to your Computer via USB cable.

Step2: Enable USB Debugging Mode To Make Your Android Phone/Tablet Accessible:
- Go to Developer Options in you Samsung device Settings and Activate USB Debugging Mode.

Note: Developer Options is hidden by default, so if you can't see the Developer Options in your device settings ,go to Settings > More > About Phone > Press 7 times on Build Number to make Developer Options Visible to you . Now you can enable USB Debugging Mode in Developer Options .

Step3: Backup your Wanted Files from your Android Phone/Tablet:

- After your Android Phone/Tablet is connected and identified, select and mark the content you want then click on "Backup Now" button and choose the destination on your Computer to save the Backup folder.

- After that, wait for a while for the backing up process and when it is finished you will receive a prompt message .

Step4: Restore your Lost/Deleted Data again with Android Backup:

- If you lost/deleted your files by any reason on your Android Phone/Tablet, you can make a recovery easily from the Backup files you made with Jihososft Android Phone Manager.

- Plug your Android device to the Computer via USB cable and Enable USB Debugging Mode again on your Android device.

- Run the Jihosoft application again and click "From Backup" button on the right side.

- Select Backup Folder and your wanted files then Click on "Restore Now".

- Once the restoration process is completed , the job is done and Congratulations !!