Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Galaxy Note 7 will be the coming new model of Notes Family. Samsung announced that it's jumping from Note 5 to the Note 7, skipping the Note 6 model. All details about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available on the coming August 2 at Samsung's Note 7 Unpacked event in New York. Until then, there are a lot of fun and good trying from many sources to piece together the Note 7's identity and its specs, Will it Simply the same specs on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S5 with little changes, or it will be out of our ideas and we will say WOW?

The most reliable rumors about Galaxy Note 7 Specs suggest that the Note 7 will have a 5.7-inche curved screen, an iris scanner to Unlock the phone with your eyes, and a USB-C port. Anyway this information aren't from official sources, so anything may changed. Now I will let you to take a look to the Quick View about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date, Specs, and Rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Quick view about most reliable rumors about Galaxy Note 7

Note 7 will be the name not Note 6

All users suspected that the coming Note will be Note 6, and that because the previous was 2015's model called Note 5, but nobody form Samsung Company talked or say any details about that or let people know the real reason of naming the new Note as a Note 7 not Note 6. Finally we may ask a question, Is Samsung trying to make models like Apple's iPhone? This question because Appl's will release its iPhone 7 this fall.

Note 7 Sale Date: Mid-August

Samsung Note 7 has been a mainstay at the IFA conference held in Berlin in the late of August, but the suggested date is August 2 to be the launch date. The August 2 launch date suggests that the Note 7 would sell well before IFA Kicks off, and long before Apple's yearly iPhone Launch in early September, which usually falls in the first two weeks of that month.

Software Interface will be totally new

The Software Interface will be new, new Software and New name. Samsung used the TouchWiz interface for years to differentiate its phones from other Android Phone's makers, so maybe we will say goodbye to TouchWiz interface and say welcome to the new Interface which maybe named as Grace Interface.

Dual Curved display with wraparound edges

Note 7 will feature a dual curved display that wraps around both edges. If true, the Note 7 would be the first large screen Galaxy Note to sport a wraparound display, which has popped up on previous Samsung phones, such as Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Updated Note software

Samsung usually previews its freshest take on TouchWiz or maybe Grace software on the year's Note release, but the changes is so little and go down to the pen level. This time, we could see a lightly refreshed style with different icons, but the most known functionality maybe will not much different from the current.

Iris Scanner will be real this time

We have heard of iris scanner that can unlock your phone by staring you in the eye. The iris scanner loomed large in Galaxy S4 rumors, but turned out to be a different feature that kept the screen from locking when you looked at it often enough. Now the Microsoft's iris scanner "Windows Hello" feature in the Lumia 950 has made the security option reality, so it's much more likely that Samsung will include a real eye scanner feature in the coming Note 7.

Note 7's Android version

You may think that Note 7 will come with Android Nougat, but maybe not and I will tell you the reason made me said that. Google's Android N, revealed to be named Android Nougat, isn't out yet and won't be until fall, so don't expect the Note 7 to debut with the OS, so expect Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with an upgrade later on to Android Nougat, ar least a few months after Google's Nexus phones get a chance to show off What Nougat can do.

Note 7 other Suspected Specs

12 Megapixels Camera.
5 Megapixels Front Camera.
5.7 inch display screen.
IP68 certified against water and dust.
USB Type-C port, Quick Charge 3.0
4200mAh battery.
64GB internal memory expandable through a microSD card.
Colors will be, Black, Silver, White, and Blue.