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RunBot description:
Welcome RunBot fans with this new update of the RunBot game which should fix some remaining graphical errors and adds some extra optimizations for older devices .

A stunning 3D infinite runner where you are RunBot, an advanced and strong robotic weapon system . You have rejected your protocol as a killing robot machine and made a brave dash for freedom . Don't let laser towers, drone attacks and obstacles slow you down.

As a RunBot you will have to race, run, flip and fly around endless and always changing series of obstacles.

Stunning in 3D every background elements is detailed . Touch Arcade.

If you are a fan of infinite runners, then you will love to play RunBot.

RunBot features:

  • It is free to play .
  • Stunning graphics : Race RunBot through a futuristic city in same time to a pumping fast paced soundtrack.
  • Amazing freer running moves : Use Parkour jumps style to dodge around obstacles, plasma turrets and mines.
  • Tilt in game play touch : Swipe the screen to guide RunBot while he runs, then tilt your device to move in flying Jetpack mode .
  • Upgrade your Technology : Collect power cores and battery cells to upgrade RunBot's arsenal and armor.
  • Competitive play : Run past your buddies high scores in the game and become the perfect top runner.

If you see any problems or have any question and you want to tell that to the RunBot team so you can contact them at this email :

RunBot screenshots:

Download RunBot game