Opera Mini for Android latest update lets you save data without breaking websites

I love to use Opera Mini for Android because it is fast and easy to use, So when i told my friends about using it they told me they are using Opera Mini before me :) .
Opera Mini for Android sports a nifty data saving feature that lets you access the internet without worrying about hitting your bundle limit (Offline Method).

Unfortunately, this feature of Opera Mini does result in websites being severely compressed, making the experience rather ugly and less user-friendly. The Opera company has now added a new "high" setting to the browser, which saves you some data but does not break websites in the process.

It's a positive release, enabling you to activate sade mode in Opera Mini without being sent back to the times of web 1.0. As well as the new mode, Opera Mini now has a full screen tab gallery, improvements to the download functionality, as well as numerous minor improvements. Here's the full changelog of Opera Mini:

  • A "High" savings mode has been added that gives you a full web experience.
  • New full screen tab gallery.
  • Bookmarks and Saved pages are now fixed entries above the Speed Dial.
  • Saved Pages are now listed in a full screen list that shows both title and URL.
  • Download improvements.
  • Various stability and usability improvements.

Have the Opera Mini update downloaded? Let us know how you're getting on in the comments and share with your friends :) .