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HikiPlayer description:

HikiPlayer is a good lightweight music player.

How to use HikiPlayer:

You have in HikiPlayer app 3 screens that you can switch between them by horizontal swiping.

First Screen :
File Manager for navigation and adding files or folders to playlist and you can also add multiple folders to the playlist .
Second Screen :
Cover Screen which shows album art for current folder and here you can switch folder by vertical swiping .

Third Screen :
Playlist screen which shows only a part of current folder .

HikiPlayer Features :

  • Search local lyrics by tag .
  • Quick lyrics translation with another external app .
  • Customizable icon, font and seek bar size.
  • Beautiful skins.
  • Auto color mode that makes color based on album art image.
  • CUE sheet support (If your device supports FLAC….etc).
  • External and embedded album art (front.jpg, cover.jpg, …etc).
  • Video playback (codecs supported by your device).
  • Support subtitles (*.srt).
  • Playlist shuffle.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Decrease the volume on phone call.
  • Supports headset buttons.
  • Home Screen widget.
  • Equalizer, bass boost and virtualized.
  • Downloading album art from the internet.
  • Text viewer .
  • Image viewer.
  • File operations .
  • Ad free.
HikiPlayer Screenshots :



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