Download Boney The Runner (Boney the Skeleton) Game

Boney The Runner description :

If you bored of endless running through temples, tombs and cities , then you are welcome in the hunted graveyard.
Boney the Skeleton has a group of hungry dogs and he needs you to guide him through the spooky graveyard in the dead of night to escape them .

Boney The Runner features:

  • Simple tap controls : Slide, run and jump over endless of spooky obstacles like gravestones, zombie hands and ghosts as they try to make you slow down.
  • Upgrade your gear: Use special shoes and gloves to make you even more agile.
  • Mix powerful options: Different combinations give Boney a great special power like super speed and coin magnet. Discover all the recipes to find secret amazing powers and become alchemist master.
  • Change your look: Unlock different wigs and hats including Rastafarian cap and Evils hair to make him run with a killer style .
  • Feeling competitive? Compare your high score to other Boney Players around the world on the leader boards.
  • Buy other upgrades and items: Make Boney the Skeleton even more skilled to avoid those hungry dogs.

Boney The Runner screenshots :

Download Boney The Runner ( Boney the Skeleton)