Download Beyond pool 3D: Hole in one

Beyond pool 3D: Hole in one description :

Beyond pool 3D: Hole in one - hit and aim the metal ball on the screen and pocket it into a hole with one move only.

Check your aims in this simple ,but it is addicative game for Android.

You will find in this game  a variety of unique tables. Each og them has loops,ramps,obstacels and various barries.
At the end of the table you will fine a hole. Your Mission is to pocket the metal ball into this hole.

Take your time ,but end your mission . Carefully aim and calculate the power of impact so the ball hits the target.

Game features:

  • Great graphics .
  • Realistic physics .
  • High scores .
  • Many levels .
  • Good controls .
Game Requirements :

- Android 3.0 and higher
- The game requires an Internet connection .

Screenshots :


Download Beyond pool 3D: Hole in one Game

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